Your Automotive Transmission

If you don’t know a lot about cars, you may run into some problems if you don’t learn at least a few things that can help you if it is acting funny. There are many important systems that you have to worry about, though some are pretty self sufficient. If you don’t know about your automotive transmission by now, you should learn a little about it. This is something that most people can not fix on their own, but you can keep it full with necessary fluids and you can also learn what it feels like when it needs attention by a mechanic.

Like oil in your car, you have to know how to check your transmission fluid. This is not something that you have to do a lot, but it is something that you must know something about for the sake of your car. For some cars, this does not need a lot of attention. A new automotive transmission should be fine as it is in a new car for quite a while before this becomes a problem. However, if there is a problem with your transmission, this is one of the first things that you should check and have topped off. It may run perfectly fine after that.

Sometimes, it may be more than your fluids if you are having problems with your automotive transmission. There could be more going on that needs immediate attention by a mechanic. In some cases, you may have to have a new one installed if the old one is not an easy fix. It can be hard to get to the automotive transmission in some cars, so even if you know something about them, don’t attempt to take one out and open it up unless you are positive that you can put it back where you found it. These are expensive and you don’t want to mess one up on a whim.

Before you can decide if you need automotive transmission fluid or a check up with a mechanic, you have to know what indicates a problem with your transmission. Some people that have been around cars for a while can feel it ‘slip.’ which means it is not going into gear as it should. If you have ever driven a manual automotive transmission, this is probably easier for you to pick up even if you are now driving an automatic. You can generally tell, after a while, when your car normally shifts. If your engine revs higher than normal before it shifts, something is off with your transmission.

You may notice other things as well with your automotive transmission. If you put your vehicle in reverse and the engine revs a bit and then it feels as if your car jerks into the reverse gear before it actually moves, your automotive transmission is starting to have problems. You may notice that it takes a while to go into any gear. You can ignore this for a while, but it will get worse if you don’t give it some TLC at the local garage before it totally gives out. It is one of the most expensive repairs on a car, so take care of it before it goes that far.

Wiring Harness And Its Uses In The Automotive Industry

Wiring harness is that versatile tool that is capable of meeting diverse requirements in all industry sectors. However, it finds special use in the automotive sector for exceptional automobile set-ups. The wiring harness used in the automobile industry is a durable solution that has the capacity to resist high temperature and is ductile in nature. These automotive wiring harness varieties are dimensionally accurate and hence are in wide demand across various automobile manufacturing set up.

Most of the manufacturers that deal with this wiring harness variety ensure that they conform with the industry standards and you as a customer should only go for these ones to ensure safety. The best part about automotive wiring harness is that they can be customized as per the requirements and specifications of the user like different color coding and the specifications etc.

All high-grade automotive wiring harness varieties, find application for multiple purposes. They are used for ignition system, battery cables, AC, etc. in automobiles. Most of the manufacturers today fabricate these harnesses by using finest grade of materials. They are also stringently tested on each stage of fabrication to guarantee defect free harnesses. These types of harnesses are used for all types of vehicles like passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two wheelers and three wheelers, multi utility vehicles, farm, material handling equipment and off-the-road vehicles.

All harnesses for the automotive industry are designed to perform under extreme conditions with uninterrupted services and can hence sustain heavy loads. Apart from the standard ones there are special varieties like bus harness, truck harness along with wiring harnesses for four/two wheelers.

Among the various application areas where wiring harness for automobile is required includes power windows, horn relay and connector, dimmer switch connector, power door locks, circuit breaker for headlights, backup lights, ignition switch connectors horn, cigarette lighter, engine fan, radio battery, wipers, brake lights and many more. These harnesses are easy to install and are cost effective solutions to all kinds of electrical needs in automobiles. As per their requirements, these types of harnesses come in three different varieties viz; industrial automotive wire harness, high grade automotive wire harnesses and standard automobile wire harness.

Most of the manufacturers that produce or supply wiring harness also keep stock of other electrical tools like extension cord, and power supply cord, etc. that go well with any electrical or electronic appliances. Use these with locking plug for ultimate safety, as you would not want to risk the lives of your dear ones.

Winkler Automotive Wins Prestigious Customer Service Award

George Winkler’s goal of providing the area with the most complete and trusted independent automotive repair shop when he opened the doors to Winkler Automotive in 1982 was validated once again with the recent awarding of the “Excellence In Customer Service Award” from the Washington, Maryland, Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association (WMDA).

The prestigious honor, from the region’s primary trade association for the industry, was bestowed upon Winkler and his staff at the organization’s recent Annual Convention & Mega Show in Ocean City, Md.

“This is the biggest honor we have received since we opened 30 years ago, and we couldn’t be more thrilled and proud with the recognition,” said Winkler. “We know the type of customer service we provide, and this is our No. 1 mission, but to be recognized for it is very special, and a tribute to our magnificent staff.”

The honor even attracted interest from Maryland state comptroller Peter Franchot, who personally wrote Winkler a note of congratulations, which read in part “you must be pleased that your work and professionalism have been recognized with this prestigious award.”

Franchot went on to add “you are making a significant contribution to our great state of Maryland and I thank you. As Maryland’s chief regulator of motor fuel and tax collector, I understand the countless contributions that your industry provides to our state and its families.”

Winkler Automotive, located in Gaithersburg at 401 East Diamond Avenue, is AAA approved, and all its technicians exceed rigorous standards to be ASE certified. And Winkler Automotive performs maintenance and repair service on all makes and models, including European, American and Japanese cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans, along with extended warranty work on all.

The Washington, Maryland, Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association, (WMDA) was established in 1937 as a trade association serving independent business men and woman of service stations, repair facilities, convenience stores, and other related businesses. WMDA provides automotive and management educational training programs throughout the year for owners, managers and technicians with the primary objective of innovating and educating.

The WMDA award now hangs proudly in the waiting room of Winkler Automotive, and also serves as a reminder to the Winkler staff of its commitment to customer service.

“I always stress to my staff to put themselves in our customer’s shoes,” noted Winkler. “People trust us, and when it comes to having your car serviced, that’s most important.”

About Winkler Automotive
Winkler Automotive of Gaithersburg is an AAA approved and ASE certified auto repair shop now celebrating its 30th year. Since 1982, Winkler Automotive has been committed to providing the best, most honest and most reliable car care service in the area, offering customers complete satisfaction and one-stop shopping, as well as an alternative to expensive dealerships. Winkler Automotive performs maintenance and repair service on all makes and models, including European, American and Japanese cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans, while extended warranty work is also accepted. For more information and web specials, visit, or call (301) 258-2774 and ask for owner George Winkler.

Windshield Rfid Tag Cuts Automotive Access Control Trouble

DAILY RFID has released a new Windshield RFID Tag, operating in 902MHz-928MHz or 868MHz frequency. This Windshield RFID tag is specially designed for automotive access control, especially for using in gated community, parking areas, ect.

This Windshield RFID Tag is compatible with EPC Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B standards and allows multiple tag read. With a long readability of up to 15 feet, this Windshield RFID tag simplifies the multiple procedures of access control, thus not only saving the time, improving safety as well.

Designed for global use, this Windshield RFID tag is easy to install on automotive windshields. It is a 86mm by 54mm UHF identification card inserted into a ABS housing, with 3M glue on one side.

This Windshield RFID tag can be scanned easily. And the authorized vehicles just need to move smoothly through controlled entrances. Most of all, each DAILYs RFID tag has a unique ID for security of the RFID automotive access control system.

You can visit for more info about Windshield RFID tag .


DAILY RFID CO.,LIMITED ( ) , which belongs to PAN Group Co., ltd, is the leading company focusing on the research and development of EPC & RFID technology in China.

We specialize in producing arguably the world’s most extensive line of RFID Tag,RFID Label,Smart Card and RFID Reader, which are suitable for any vertical markets, and have obtained the National Integrated Circuit Card Register Certificate, IC Card Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Also, We own a factory covering an area of 26,000 square meters.

DAILY’s products are designed and manufactured with recognized industry standards relevant to RFID and its markets but most notably for use in the demanding environments to recognize and understand your business’s RFID needs. We are commited to providing “Innovative Technology”, ” Superior, Cost-efficient Product” and ” Professional, Efficient Customer Services”.

Will Hybrid Vehicles Dominate The Future Of The Automotive Industry

People today are living in fact-paced environment where changes happen every day which directly and indirectly affect their lifestyles. Since the dawn of modern technology, changes became faster and new things emerge just as the old ones are on the verge of dominating the market they belonged. Computers, mobile phones, and other technological gadgets continually develops and innovates in a very quick span of time that new models from manufacturers are being launched a lot of times within a year. And these innovations and changes are ever growing as times pass by.

In the automotive industry, hybrid vehicles are the latest trends. Amidst the continuous improvements in conventional vehicles, these vehicle types found its way into the scope of attraction of consumers. Not only did they gain limelight because of their more modern mechanisms, they also captured the interests of people because of their very promising features. In fact, hybrid vehicles did not remain as a concept for too long. Giants in the car manufacturing industry have immediately jumped into the concept and created their very own version of hybrid vehicles, mostly hybrid cars; and began making them available to the market.

In the last 8 years or so, the popularity of hybrid vehicles maintained an impressive growth; with more and more people expressing their interest towards this automotive technological wonder. As well, other car manufacturers are also starting making their own hybrid vehicle versions; and planning to launch it to be marketed in the coming years. This scenario holds a very promising future for hybrids and for people who want to own one of these.

The rising popularity of hybrid vehicles is not surprising; considering its features and the advantages that they offer. These benefits allow people to go beyond the limits and restrictions of conventional vehicles; giving a wider scope of alternative for them; which, as far as convenience, is concerned, a very important factor that holds enormous impact.

Among the most attractive features and benefits being offered by hybrid vehicles include high fuel efficiency, better mileage, environmentally- friendly mechanism and more advanced interior accessory features that topple down conventional cars in the market. However, the considerably high price of hybrids is one factor that prevents the total domination of these car types in the market. Despite the potential enormous savings that they can get from the cut on their fuel consumption, the price tags of these vehicles remain to be very expensive, especially for average- earning citizens.

Fortunately, innovations and developments are perpetually being done with hybrid vehicles. These offer greater promises for more convenience, and perhaps, more practical reasons for the patronization of these products. Overall, it is not impossible that hybrid vehicles will eventually dominate the automotive industry in the coming decades.

Why You Need To Add Blogging To Your Automotive Marketing Mix

Why You Need To Add Blogging To Your Automotive Marketing Mix Immediately

Very frequently and they tell us, guys-what’s the latest big idea in automotive marketing? Give me information like cutting edge stuff. What’s the secret? The big news.

What’s working?

I get that a lot. Hey guys, what’s working?

What can I do, and obviously, there are so many levels to success in the car business, success in marketing in the car business, we have our own patented-formula for having success in the car business. We call it the big three. It’s the fixing your foundation, fixing your implementation and fixing your mindset. If you don’t have them all fixed, you’re not going to have this kind of success. You’re never going to be a Rich Dealer, you’re never going to have a business in life that’s ESP – Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous.

So let’s talk about a cutting edge-what works? Let’s talk about it. By the way, there are a million ideas, here’s one of them that you can use and I love it because one of the big tenets of gravitational marketing is doing things that nobody else does. Look around the business and say, what does nobody do that they could do?

And this is something that we do all the time. We’re constantly doing it. One of the big value propositions we bring to the table is that we are constantly looking at other industries and saying what’s successful over there that we don’t even know about over here in the car business. And that’s important and then let’s tweak it so it works for our pockets.

So here’s the big idea that we’ve imported from another industry-a significant number.

It’s not new to the rest of the world, but it is new to the car business, but the idea of dealers keeping a blog.

And I’m not talking about a sales blog where you post some pictures of cars and maybe a video you took-walk around that you took for a specific customer-that’s fine. That’s good actually, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about consistently writing a blog as a media channel that you own where you are the journalist. You are the expert.

That makes you information provider, trusted adviser, consumer advocate, provider of value, instead of just seller of wares.

Instead of just hawker of goods. This is about transcending selling commodities and just retailing cars. This is about creating automotive marketing that positions you and brands you.

It is about becoming a credible authority and celebrity expert. That’s interesting. Most people that go deep down here, but one of the big tools that we use or the big techniques is to position somebody in the dealership; ideally the dealer has personality, has character and as a spokesperson of the dealership is-so that people equate that individual with the dealership and then that same individual should be blogging.

Now, here’s the reality of this. There’s a bigger opportunity for dealers, for blogging in dealerships especially for general managers and owners than in almost any other industry and adding blogging to your automotive marketing mix is huge… here’s why.

In a local community, a car dealership is one of the biggest locally owned businesses there is. You generally have land and facilities and you have a large presence and you employ a lot of people. You typically are involved in politics and you just give money and you donate. Who better to be a community platform and hub than the dealer’s blog?

That’s right.

And you shouldn’t just talk about the dealership on this blog, you should talk about the community and politics and relationships and personalities and your family and you should become-make this blog like a community.

This whole thing is bigger.

You should become a community organizer. I mean, obviously, it has worked. You can get to the upper echelon of where you want to be if you just take the community organizer approach.

In fact, find your local acorn office and just go down there and volunteer.

I agree. So here’s the thing. This old thing here, car business, it’s about more than just selling cars. It’s bigger than cars.

It is bigger than cars

It’s about emotions. It’s about the lives of the people that you serve or want to serve.

And the fact of the matter is, because you are a car dealer, whether you know it or not, you make a big impact in the community and the lives of everyone in your community, so you’ve got to be a good steward.

So they’ll pay attention to you. That’s right, they’ll pay attention to you. If you blog or create a media of your own, it’s a free tool that you can use, create your own media channel, a hub for your customers and prospects to stay in touch with you and to build relationship, build confidence and value.

Trust and rapport.

Know, like and trust become a friend, a trusted adviser or a product-pusher, you could put videos there which is a killer and a different topic.

And this is more than just again making the transaction of selling cars. You’ve got to get out of that mindset. It’s one of the things that’s costing dealers over a million dollars a year.

Well, this is what we really uncover in our million dollar automotive marketing call. Where we go to work, roll up our sleeves and do a complete workup and diagnosis.

Are you just selling cars to get-are you getting customers to sell cars, are you just in it for the movement of metals to make a little bit of profit today? Are you in it to make a difference and I believe that most of the rich dealers in our program are in it to make a difference more than they are just to make a profit. It’s about enjoyable simpler and prosperous for them. And enjoy the simple process for their community.

That’s right and it’s a long-term commitment to being in business and helping people, being a provider of values and stability.

We can show you the way on the million dollar marketing call, we can diagnose where you’re at and show you how to get to be the dealership who steps up to the plate.

We only do this four days a month. So you’ve got to request yours now and get on the schedule as soon as possible. You go to

And sign up for your million dollar marketing call. We’ll show you the way, we’ll give you the big three, we’ll fix your implementation, we’ll fix your foundation and we’ll fix your mindset. Do it now.

Wholesale Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Do you have an experience that when you drive your car and the engine light on, how do you solve this problem? Go to an automotive shop or solve it by yourselves? All you have to do is plug a diagnostic tool into the port of your car, and your tool will send the information about the error to your car.

Professional Tools
Professional automotive diagnostic tools always have friendly interfaces for different brands of cars. The most important is that they can read different car systems and show the error codes. You can purchase them from automotive stores which are specializing in wholesale these tools.
Stand-Alone Tools
Stand-Alone tools are convenient to use. You just plug the automotive diagnostic tool in your car, and then the code concerning the problems will light up on the screen. You can accord the manual to look up the code. So you can solve the problems quickly. Some diagnostic tools have their own screen, it will show the codes. After you repaired the problems, “check engine” light will turn off.

Tools Using a Laptop
Owning a PC, you can get know the data stream easily. As these tools come with a USB cord, so PC can be used as the screen of these tools. In fact, these tools which without screen are cheaper than those come with screen. PC as your tool screen can make troubleshooting quicker but also save your charges on buying a diagnostic tool which comes with a screen. You can analyze the data better.
Automotive diagnostic tools can point the problems on your car. They are really worth you to invest. The charges which you spend on your car can direct cut down. is an online wholesale store. You can choose a diagnostic tool depend on your needs. More information, check out!

White Hat Seo A Strategy For Long-term Success In The Automotive Industry

With automotive businesses highly relying on their websites i.e. virtual showrooms – to generate sales, they are in need of online marketing strategies that will not only build traffic and generate sales, but will also establish their business in the online market. Thus ensuring long-term success.

A white-hat SEO strategy is one such strategy that improves the search engine rankings of your website and increases traffic in an ethical way. It includes several techniques such as using SEO strategies that abide by the search engine guidelines, structuring websites so they can be easily crawled by search engine bots, and creating quality content and building popularity online. These strategies are all based on ethical practices and positive attributes, and not by cheating the search engine bots.

Follow SEO guidelines
The very essence of white hat SEO techniques is that they abide by the SEO guidelines given by search engines. Hence, they improve the organic search engine rankings by maintaining relevancy of websites by using fresh, unique and informative content and eliminating black hat SEO tactics like link farming, hidden links, sneaky directs, keyword stuffing and plagiarized content.

Practices of white hat SEO
Using good quality content and keywords: Content is one of the key factors considered by search engines to evaluate a site’s quality. The content presented in a site should be unique, fresh, relevant, informative and of high quality. All these things make the content worth reading. Also, it is required to see that your content includes keywords that are relevant to your business and are what your audience is looking for.

For instance, if your target audience searches for keywords such as, warranties on used cars or authorized dealers for certified pre-owned cars, then in order for your site to appear in top search engine rankings you must create content on topics such as warranty benefits of purchasing used cars from authorized dealers, benefits of purchasing certified pre-owned cars, etc.

Internal linking: Internal linking is linking one page of your website to other related pages, which suggests that your site is a comprehensive unit of information. For instance, for the page that has details about your Chevrolet pre-owned models and features, you can give related links of other pages in your website like, benefits of purchasing pre-owned cars, service offers for pre-owned Chevrolet cars, etc.

As said earlier, information-rich, relevant content always fetches good credentials from the search engines as well as users.

Back-linking: Back-linking is a process of getting links from other websites to your website, i.e., allowing your content to be shared or bookmarked by others. This is possible only when your content is of high quality. It is also essential to make sure that the site which has given links to your site is well respected, relevant to your business and is not a spam website that is banned by search engines.

Back-links can be generated from reputed article directories (article marketing) in which articles related to your products and services are posted.

Filling in tags: It is very much essential to include alt tags, title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags for every page of your website as they play a key role in deciding your search engine rankings. All these tags contain content that have page specific and relevant keywords. In other words, these tags summarize the content on the webpages. If these tags have keywords or summaries that are in no way related to the content in the page, then the search engines will consider the website as spam.

For instance, if you do not sell spare parts, but add keywords like spare parts seller or genuine spare parts seller in your tags, then your website will be in trouble.

Long-term success by building the credibility of your business
Following white hat SEO strategies indicates that you are abiding by the ethical techniques of SEO, thus building your popularity online. Good, valuable, original and informative content not only attracts the search engine rankings, but also the trust of the users, thus, they rely on your website for information. This way, white hat SEO techniques build up your auto business credibility in the online space, assuring long-term success.

Cost-effective strategy
White hat SEO strategies are inexpensive. They are a natural way of building up your online presence, hence not much technicality or cost is involved. White hat SEO is more about common sense and genuine effort that costs nothing, but can make your online presence strong.

With credibility and quality being the main factors that customers take into account when deciding upon an automotive dealer, white hat SEO acts as a perfect marketing strategy, as it is a way of marketing your business. Hence, it is considered as a good long-term marketing investment and also a long-term revenue generating tool.

Where Will They Put Led Automotive Lights Next

LED lights first made automotive appearances in small doses many years ago, replacing alarm lights and stereo displays. Since then, LEDs have grown to replace entire tail light assemblies, running lights, and many other automotive lighting applications. Some of the new LED implementations look great. They’re much sharper than large and ugly red reflectors. Plus, they draw much lower than standard bulbs and last significantly longer. Other implementations, though, are flat-out tacky.

Some automotive LED uses that make gearheads cringe include the fresh selection of LED trinkets at the local auto parts store. This includes LED rearview mirror backings, LED exhaust tips, LED mood lighting, and LED side view mirror illumination rings. In fact, they even sell random LED light strips for car owners to place anywhere they choose (these frequently become LED ground effects and trailer running lights). The king of LED tack is the newly popular strip of lights tacked beneath the tailgate of a truck. Yuck.

One of the latest LED automotive trends that isn’t so offensive is replacing the stock third brake light with an updated LED model. This swap is growing in popularity because it’s an easy switch (just turn a couple of screws and plug in a couple of wires and you’re done). Also, most factory third brake lights look like they’re straight out of the 70s. Massive red reflectors, bulky shapes and big cargo lights look great when replaced by the look of a clear LED 3rd Brake Light. Officially, this LED light replacement gets the thumbs-up here.

In the future, speculation has LED light technology replacing automotive headlights altogether. Automakers have keyed on the dropping price of this technology, the growing illumination power, the long lifespan, and the reduced load they place on the battery. Full LED lighting could be the way of the future for electric vehicles as well, as every ounce of power matters when you’re running on batteries only.

Accepting LEDs as a fact of automotive life is a must. But, how they’re used doesn’t always have to be tolerated. Because the dropping price of LED technology is creating a festering brood of bright bric-a-brac, gearheads need to watch out for growing trends that need to be snuffed out. Before we get the rolling equivalent of Fremont St. in Las Vegas, auto enthusiasts need to unofficially enforce an LED code of conduct. Together we may be able to prevent an infestation of tackiness.

When Your Automotive Mechanic Does Flat Rate Billing For Auto Repair And Truck Repair In Tampa

You cannot avoid auto repair or truck repair no matter how well you maintain your vehicle. You will still need to bring it to your automotive service center for auto inspection, engine repair or car transmission system repair some time. Perhaps you may need to have some of your car parts replaced with AC Delco car parts, or perhaps you will just need auto oil change. Whatever automotive service you will need, your mechanic will either use hourly billing or flat rate billing. Both are acceptable billing methods in Tampa. But what difference does it make?

Hourly billing is self-explanatory. Your automotive mechanic and automotive service center will bill you for the exact number of hours spent working on your vehicle. Flat rate billing, on the other hand, is based on how much time a flat rate book says a certain type of repair takes when done by the average professional mechanic. The flat rate book is an automotive industry standard that is used everywhere and not just in Tampa.

Flat rate billing becomes a problem when some clients believe that they are being scammed when they are billed for a three-hour repair that the mechanic finishes in just two hours. The clients think they should, therefore, be billed only for those two hours. They should take into consideration, though, that the three hour period specified in the flat rate book is the industry standard in doing such type of repair. This means that the average professional skilled mechanic will take three hours to do the job properly. If the particular mechanic was able to finish it in two hours, and the repair was done well, it just means that this mechanic is exceptionally skilled and perhaps has had long experience in such types of repair. The time and study he has invested in preparing himself professionally up to that point accounts for the speed with which he did the task. It is only fair that he be duly rewarded for it.

If clients fear being scammed, that could be possible with hourly billing, as well. Without the benefit of a flat rate book, clients will not have any idea on how much time it should really take to do a certain type of repair. For all you know, the automotive mechanic could spend four hours on a task that should take only an hour. Even if you do have a flat rate book at hand, the automotive mechanic who is being paid by the hour will not have any incentive to do the job faster even if he has the capability to do so. It will be to his best interest to extend the task to the maximum time possible.

With flat rate billing, therefore, both the client and the automotive mechanic are at an advantage. The mechanic can work at his real pace and if he finishes earlier than expected then the client can drive off much earlier, too. The mechanic can then take on other jobs and the client has lost less downtime.

There are times when the mechanic can even be at a disadvantage with the flat rate billing system. With very new car systems, sometimes the manufacturers estimate of how long a certain repair should take is quite tight considering the fact that mechanics have not had enough time yet to master its innovations. It would not be farfetched under such scenarios for mechanics to take even more time than specified in the book. This means they are on the losing end of the deal.

So if your automotive mechanic in Tampa uses flat rate billing, do not blame him for it. You are not being shortchanged for as long as you are getting the highest quality of auto repair or truck repair.