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What Is a Hybrid Car?

A hybrid car is a car that has both an electric and a gas motor engine. Unlike electric-driven cars, the hybrid car will recharge itself automatically therefore there is no need to plug it into an electric outlet. The gas motor engine in a hybrid car are smaller than standard cars. That is because they are mostly used to get the car to take off, afterwards the electric engine takes over. The hybrid car can work on just one of these engines, but hybrid car owners can use both types of engine to save fuel.

Hybrid Car Parts

Most hybrid cars primarily use the gasoline engine. However if more power is required, the electric motor engine will automatically kick in. In the gasoline motor, there is energy conservation, for example, it instantly shuts off when the hybrid car stops. When you hit the pedal again, the engine smoothly turns back on. Meanwhile, the battery keeps all of your appliances on -- lights, radio and other needed features. Because the gasoline engine cuts off and on, it is usually virtually silent. This can confuse the driver and parking attendants, who may think the hybrid car is off, but it is actually on. Fortunately, an indicator light has been added, showing the status of the engine.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

The major advantage of hybrid cars is the fuel savings, on average, each gallon of fuel can be used up to 60 miles. That is pretty good compared to traditional cars which uses up to 10 miles per gallon. Due to the rising cost of gasoline, this makes hybrid cars a very popular choice.

Not only do hybrid cars use less gas, they also emit fewer pollutants into the air. In fact, they are up to 95% cleaner than traditional cars. Because the engines are small and efficient, they reduce their total exhaust emissions. This makes hybrid cars environmentally friendly. There are many corporations offering incentives such as free parking for those who drive hybrid cars. Plus, the government in offering tax rebates to lure new cars buyers to buy hybrid cars.

Hybrid Car Manufacturers

The 2 major hybrid car manufacturers are Honda Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation. They brought hybrid vehicles to the US in 2000. The first were the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Both had great success. There are now plans for a sport utility vehicle to be made as well as full size trucks through hybrid mechanics. This will be quite popular to many drivers. The hybrid cars that are on the market are well liked. With all of the environmental issues today as well as the high cost of gas, it really isn't suprising.

In all, hybrid cars have reduced the cost of owning a car as well as environmentally friendly. Hybrid car technology offers a highly effective way of getting around.

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